About Us

Clearent was developed to fill a void in the payments industry. It was clear that ISOs, financial institutions and merchants could benefit from a partner that had the capabilities to deliver complete transparency, clarity and insight into their merchant services program. Easy-to-use online reporting and business intelligence would finally be available to even the smallest merchant, ISO or financial institution—giving them access to resources and tools previously unavailable in the industry.

To turn this vision into a reality, Dan Geraty, Clearent’s CEO, assembled a group of experienced professionals on both the Board of Directors and the Leadership Team. All shared the vision of bringing a wholly new dynamic to the industry. The result is Clearent. It is the first and only payment processing system based on a custom-built platform specifically engineered to deliver total transparency and provide clients with tools and insights to help make their merchant services business more profitable.

Clearent couples superior technology with equally impressive and trendsetting client service. With Clearent, every business partner is valued and treated as such. Clearent goes beyond transactions to interactions that build long-term mutually beneficial client relationships. If it sounds different, it is.

Clearent’s headquarters and data processing operations are based in the St. Louis, Missouri area. The entire facility is staffed and monitored 24/7, and its operations are PCI compliant and SAS-70 certified.